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Bernick’s Periodic Table of Beer

Technically a periodic table is “elements arranged based on configurations and properties”. So yes, it works for a periodic table of beer as well.

by Scott Oeffling on January 28

Hot Beverage Options: Keeping People Warm on Chilly Days

By placing a drink dispenser in your business you can offer hot beverage options to all visitors. Why take this extra step? What are the benefits?

by Julie Fandel on January 25

The Journey of Beer: From Brewery, to Bernick’s, to You

Curious about the journey of beer- from brewery to you? As the premier distributor of craft, domestic & imported beer in central MN, we know our beer!

by Scott Oeffling on January 20

Flavor Fusion Innovation Machine and Add-On Kit

If you're looking to increase profits from beverage sales or considering adding fountain drink sales to your business, flavor fusion is your answer.

by David Pederson on January 14

Preparing Your Inventory for 2014 Year-End, While Planning for 2015

Here are a few helpful tips to prepare your business for year-end review & prep your inventory to meet demand & capitalize on emerging trends in 2015.

by John Ampe III on January 12

2014 in Review: A Strong Community Partnership

Bernick's community partnerships were extremely successful in 2014, and this success will be a road map for similar programs for years to come.

by Jason Bernick on January 08

What to Look for in a Great Supplier, Part 2: On-Staff Experts

While excellent service from your supplier is important, service from on-staff experts that can provide quality advice and consultation is also vital.

by John Torgerson on January 05

4 Reasons to Carry New Brands

Consumers are always looking for more options.Expanding your products to carry new brands can be a great move for your business and establishment.

by John Ampe III on December 28

Optimize Efficiency with an All-In-One Partner

An all-in-one partner can optimize efficiency by acting as a distributor, advertiser, and service provider all at once. This has many advantages.

by David Pederson on December 23

The Ins and Outs of Tap-Line Cleaning

Tap-lines hold beer in them as liquid flows from keg to faucet. Over time, beer forms calcium oxalate or “beerstone”. Learn more on tap-line cleaning.

by Scott Oeffling on December 19