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3 Ways Bernick's Will Save You Time + Money in 2017

by Dean Bernick on January 12

In order to maximize your business in 2017, you will need to continue to look for innovative ways to manage your operations to drive increased profits. For those in the bar, restaurant, brewery, and food service-related industry, you know how crucial it is to partner with suppliers, vendors, and distributors who will not only appreciate your goals, but help you achieve them. Bernick’s can help your business save money in three strategic areas.

1. Inventory Management

What is worse – not being able to offer your customers the food and beverage option they want, or having far too much of it to manage and sell properly? They both sound equally undesirable to me. If your customer requests an item you’ve run out of, you run the risk of losing that consumer as a future source of support and revenue. Regardless of what you supply and sell, your fresh and packaged goods come with an expiration date. If you are buying your own inventory to sell, what system are you using to manage it best? Being left with food and beverages that have outdated or become damaged means that’s your cost to absorb. Inventory is a precarious aspect of the industry that takes precise management and attention and can make or break a business.

Bernick’s can save you money and hassle when it comes to the supply and demand your customers place on your offerings. Our distribution experts are well-versed in the ebb and flow of food and beverage trends and can help forecast the future as well as protect your bottom line in the present moment of business.

2. Time

As a business owner or manager tasked with monitoring the delivery and processing of the food and beverages your customers want, you know the sheer amount of time required for this part of the operation can be overwhelming. Chasing down orders, quantifying volume ordered, and dealing with third party vendors can be a large time suck if you’re not aligned with the right parties to support your operation. Your main focus is on your customers and meeting their needs day in and day out, and as you’re probably aware, even those needs might change more often than you’re equipped to handle. A distributor who understands consumers and their importance to your business can support the time you invest in managing all those expectations.

The most important factor in a dining experience is delicious fare, according to 60 percent of a recent survey. The second answer was quality service with 22 percent of respondents selecting that topic as the most important. What does this tell anyone in the industry? That there can’t be any shortcuts taken when it comes to what consumers are served. Determining that takes time and focus – Bernick’s can help by granting both to the overall experience consumers will have at particular establishments.

3. Marketing

The world is not a quiet place when it comes to advertising and marketing with messages of promotions filling every corner of the already cluttered landscape. If you wish to promote your brand or business, how do you know you’ll ever reach your target audience – the consumers best suited to be your loyal fans? With marketing. Yet the thought of entering that already crowded space takes plenty of strategy, patience, and budget in some cases. Bernick’s is more than a distribution company. Most of our visibility happens in the marketplace, with our trucks and equipment hitting the streets so often. But what people might not know is what the rest of our company looks like. I’m talking about the marketing, social, product specialists, brand managers, industry researchers, and R&D professionals who comprise the internal part of our team (the less visible).

When you partner with Bernick’s for your distribution needs, you’ll get more than an account executive and delivery driver. You’ll have access to an entire think tank dedicated to the same thing you are: meeting and exceeding the expectations of consumers. Determining which products to carry, how to increase revenue and drive loyalty, and stay ahead of the competition will all be supported by your Bernick’s team.


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