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Minnesota-Made: Deane's Kombucha

Deane's Kombucha is a Minnesota-based company in Minneapolis. Bernick's distributes the fermented functional beverage to 40 locations across the state.

by Leah Bernick on January 15

Emerging Markets: Sparkling Water

Beverage trends show that soda's dominance is now shared with a new emerging market: sparkling water.

by Leah Bernick on June 28

Emerging Markets: Prebiotics Join Forces with Probiotics

One of the many emerging markets in the beverage industry are drinks featuring probiotics & now Naked Juice from PepsiCo is featuring prebiotics. What are they?

by Leah Bernick on October 6
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Drink Healthy in 2016: Infographic

Healthy resolutions are a given during the start of a new year. And lucky for consumers, there's a wide variety of healthy beverages to support that.

by Leah Bernick on January 25

Emerging Beverage Trend: Tea

Tea has grow exponentially & retailers have begun to invest billions in the industry. Learn about this beverage trend, why consumers choose tea & more

by Leah Bernick on July 28

Emerging Markets: Protein

Have you noticed protein drink craze? This emerging market is quite popular, and we have a number of reasons explaining why this is.

by Leah Bernick on June 10
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Why Choose Healthy Options?

Today individuals are more conscious of what they are consuming. This is why Bernick's believes in providing healthy options to customers.

by Leah Bernick on February 1