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Boost Employee Morale with a Micro Market

by Reed Stevens on November 9

As a business owner, you have a lot of things to manage. Growth, return on investment, keeping overhead costs within reason, hiring and training, customer satisfaction … the list goes on and on. Another important part of business is your employees and your company’s culture. One positive move that would impact arguably your most important attribute, your people, is a micro market. We’ll tell you why.

Happy Employees are the Best Employees

How A Micro Market Boosts Morale

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people spend most their time at work with 8.7 hours of the day on average, followed by 7.7 hours of sleep. The largest portion of their days is spent within your walls. Recognizing that commitment and the needs they have while at work is key to boosting employee morale.

A micro market is a convenience-style marketplace that offers individuals endless options when it comes to food and beverage. Whereas traditional vending machines are somewhat limited to snack-type foods, micro markets can offer meal-type fare including fresher, healthier options from our newly revamped brand, EATS. Installing a micro market on your premise provides employees options to cover breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks, sugar cravings, and even a midnight snack if your operations run a second shift or around the clock.

Invest in Your Employees Without Making a Financial Investment 

When considering installing a micro market, it’s important to consider your investment. With Bernick’s micro markets, your investment upfront to us is … zero. Nada. Nothing. There is no cost associated with adding a micro market to your company’s landscape. The investment you make in your employee’s satisfaction, however, is immeasurable.

According to Forbes, 57 percent of respondents in a recent survey said benefits and perks play a major role when deciding whether to pursue a particular jobBenefits and perks are something a micro market can provide. The freedom to choose what people eat and drink and when gives employees the flexibility to manage their days and workloads while staying satisfied. 

What a Micro Market Brings to the Workplace

Not only are micro markets convenient for your employees, they’re convenient for you, too. All installation, maintenance, security, and inventory are handled by Bernick’s when you partner with us to give your employees a micro market. All we need from you is dedicated space in a high-traffic, secure place, electricity, and Internet access. That’s it. We’ll even meet with you to review your company’s space layout, needs of employees, and what you ultimately envision a micro market doing for business and the people who comprise it.

A micro market can accommodate nearly 400 products including snacks, beverages, fresh food, and sundries. An employee, for example, can browse your micro market’s selection at their convenience. Payment options can vary based on what your input is. Credit or debit card, a PIN number, and even fingerprint technology or swiping employee credentials are all viable options for payment.

Employees report caring, recognition, rewards, and appreciation as positive aspects they desire to come from employers. Adding a micro market to your business allows you to hit on all of those elements, putting your company’s culture at the center of your focus. 

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