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Four Ways to Sell Your Boss on a Micro Market

by Reed Stevens on May 31

You work. A lot. Arguably, you spend more time at work than you do anywhere else... and no, sleeping doesn’t count. As a dedicated employee, you’re likely vested in your company’s overall health and stability and want to work at the best place possible. The best places to work have options for employee satisfaction and enjoyment, like micro markets featuring food, beverage, and snacks. Not sure your boss will go for your idea of installing a micro market in your workplace? Here are four surefire ways to help make it a reality... 

1. Your Employee Breakroom / Kitchen Could Use an Upgrade

micro_market.pngPerhaps there isn’t even one onsite - a warm, comforting place to eat lunch and congregate with your team. If that is the case, a micro market will grant that desired space, and carve out the look and feel of a breakroom or kitchen. If management questions space, that’s easy. Bernick’s micro markets are customizable for any intended space and only require two additional things: a dedicated Internet and electricity. For nearly the same space your standard vending machines would take up, a micro market can be placed instead. 

A micro market includes both cold and dry storage, plus the self-checkout kiosk for payment processing. It’s not an entirely obtrusive system with complicated components. After that, all your breakroom or kitchen needs is a table, chairs, and people to make it “home”.


2. Hunger Makes You Less Productive

It’s true. If employees don’t take the proper time to step away from their work during the day, and refuel with necessary nutrition, it can be detrimental to productivity. Not to mention morale. In any industry, workdays are unpredictable. Meetings run late. Meetings end early. Deadlines are extended. All-nighters are pulled. People are running from one place to the next. A micro market would solve a lot of the I don’t have time to eat issues that chaotic days present. And hey – in the case of micro markets, that means more than grabbing a Kind bar or bag of M&M’s.

Not that there is anything wrong with those reliable, tried-and-true snacks, but mealtime means more than that. A micro market is stocked with fresh goodness including handmade wraps, sandwiches, salads, fruit, yogurt, meat and cheese, and more. Beverages range from soda to water, iced tea, coffee and energy drinks, and fresh juices.

3. The Budget Doesn’t Even Have to be Considered

Always a big one for management in any organization: how will the budget be affected? In the case of a Bernick’s micro market, it won’t. The installation and maintenance of our micro markets come at no cost to the company or building installing one. As previously mentioned – you just need space, dedicated Internet, and electrical outlets and that is it. We work with companies to feature the food and beverage items and brands they want, based off employee feedback or requests. From there, we manage inventory and delivery, and any service that your micro market might require.

A micro market operates much like a stand-alone convenience store. People peruse the shelves for items they want (and talk about items; there are over 300 different options for micro market product!), and then check out at the self-serve kiosk on their own. Payment options include credit or debit cards, fingerprint technology, or employee badge swiping. Again, the customization is completely tailored to the needs and wants of the organization.

4. Culture is More than an Overused Buzzword

What does company culture have to do with micro markets? Well, everything. In a day and age of meshing generations of employees and shifting to more flexible, open workplaces, culture seems to be on the tip of everyone’s tongues. Work today is about more than a salary; it’s about an experience. Culture refers to anything that affects employees in the workplace, and the associated “perks” that come with working just about anywhere. These perks refer to everything from PTO to the coffee options available. A micro market is a positive, easy way to promote culture and give employees something else to appreciate and be grateful for, 40+ hours a week.

And, a micro market is more than a place to secure a sandwich or hummus and pretzels over noon; it’s an opportunity for management to use it to their advantage. Want to recognize an employee for outstanding effort? Load $20 onto their account. Forget that it’s a work anniversary or employee birthday? The micro market has you covered, right where you stand.

Pointing out these obvious pluses for your case in a getting a micro market where you work should be pretty easy. If you need more, we have plenty for you here

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