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In the End Zone: Your Minnesota Vikings + Miller Lite

by Scott Oeffling on September 23

Football season is underway! The Minnesota Vikings are coming off an impressive preseason and are off to a 1- 1 start for their 17-week regular season schedule. With football comes stadium-type fare and of course, beer! This season when you root for your Minnesota Vikings, you’ll want to root for Miller Lite, too.

Minnesota Vikings and Miller Lite as Teammates

The brand of beer being poured in NFL stadiums is always a topic of interest. Miller Lite is the official beer sponsor of the Minnesota Vikings and has been since 2002. It was announced this summer that MillerCoors will extend its sponsorship of the Minnesota Vikings to become a founding partner of the new U.S. Bank Stadium, which will become home to the Vikings in July 2016.

In addition to prominent signage, guest entertainment, and a large custom-branded party deck, MillerCoors will continue to participate in local team and community initiatives supported by the Vikings. In fact, the company has raised more than $1 million since 2000 for Viking charities.

As American as Beer and Football

This season, Miller Lite is running a promotion for Vikings gear. You can find codes in specially marked Miller Lite 24pk-16oz. cans, and redeem them for Vikings/Miller Lite gear now through October 31st. This is a smart approach to what is inevitable. Each season, fans flock to buy new team gear and swag, and by partnering with Miller Lite on such a promotion, consumers get the best of both worlds … they get to drink their Miller Lite, and wear it (via Vikings purple), too. 


Miller Lite has an advantage when it comes to marketing, and that’s brand loyalty. It already has an established fan base, and the exposure the Minnesota Vikings bring to the label positively affects sales. Building distribution can be tough for new brands, and visibility is key. The same may be said of existing brands, to a point. Promoting what Miller Lite can do for its fans (in the case of the 2015-16 NFL season, it’s all in the swag) and why they should be the first choice are some natural points to impress upon.

Finding the Fanatics

As illustrated by the Vikings-Steelers preseason/Hall of Fame game and its 11 million viewers – which was up 29% from last year and was the most-watched NFL preseason game in five years - the fans are there. To keep them engaged, consider running specials and appreciation-type events throughout the Vikings’ season. It’s a good way to promote your bar or restaurant, plus fortify the Miller Lite and Minnesota Vikings alliance.

When you work with your beverage distributor, they have the 'insider' information when it comes to promotions, events, and contests from the brand suppliers themselves. They also have connections and the experience to help you plan your own events. Think of promotions as a way to thank customers for their brand loyalty and keep the ideas coming.

  • Be consistent. The Vikings' season is 17 weeks long for regular season play. Consider running specials during all games, home games, or Monday night games.
  • Give stuff away. It doesn't have to be tickets to games or signed jerseys. Think pitchers of Miller Lite, wearables, free appetizers, or team swag.
  • Advertise, advertise, advertise.
  • Keep your distributor on speed dial for even more ideas!
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