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Product Feature: Übr Water

by Jill Kampa on April 9

The word “Über” stems from the German language, and translates literally to “over” or  “above and beyond”. It has been adopted into English language as somewhat of a slang term and used as a prefix for words “indicating the highest, greatest, or most extreme” example of something. So if someone at your company picnic tells you your brownies are “Über-delicious”, take it as a great compliment.

Übr Water, though dropping the ‘e’, definitely lives up to its name. It is one of the highest, greatest, above and beyond waters on the market today. Though pronounced “uber”, Übr gets its spelling from the water’s ultimate balance and refreshment properties. Just what consumers were (and are) looking for.

Fulfilling a Need

As health initiatives continue to develop and the consumer’s need for nutritious options continually increase, we began to see a need for premium water. In the massive beverage industry, water was a quickly growing market.

Wis-Pak (who we’ll introduce later) began research and development to learn more about the need for great water. Market research showed that consumption of bottled water with 16.9oz capacity had increased by about 140% in 2014. Rightfully so, the consumption of water is expected to progress, and the demand for water to grow. Zenith International reports, “more consumers are coming to understand the importance of hydration. All packaged water is expected to see continued strong growth and premium water is set to benefit as a result.”

In the initial stages of research, learning, and development of this fresh, highly demanded water, Wis-Pak worked to develop the new product locally. Focus groups were conducted in both Minnesota and Wisconsin and a local agency completed the branding, strategy, and visual elements for the premium water that would soon be born and known as Übr Water.

Übr Water’s Roots

Übr Water was developed and is distributed by Wis-Pak Beverages and is a member of the Klarbrunn family. Klarbrunn was founded in 1987 and made a name for itself with sparkling water. In 2014, Klarbrunn introduced Übr Water as its new, premium water beverage.

uberWis-Pak is a manufacturer and distributor of Pepsi-Cola and many other leading soft drinks such as Mountain Dew, Aquafina, DOC 360, Hog Wash, Harvest Ridge Coffee Co., and Glacier Blast. The company's corporate office is located in Watertown, Wisconsin and has production facilities found throughout the Central and Southern United States. Wis-Pak is an independent franchise owned by 40 shareholders, representing 65 independent Pepsi-Cola franchises. Wis-Pak is majority owner of WP Beverages, which is the seventh largest Pepsi-Cola franchisee in the United States with corporate headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin.

Bernick’s is one of the 40 shareholders in the Wis-Pak family. As part of a small, independent group, Wis-Pak allows a positive economy of scale and affordable pricing. Wis-Pak is also able to provide its distributors access to promising brands that show signs of growth and market share.

Übr Water Today

As Klarbrunn explains, Übr water “is the ultimate balance + refreshment combining electrolytes and a high pH level of +7 to provide elevated hydration for the body and mind.” Übr Water not only helps your body recover from high levels of physical exercise and strenuous activity, but also helps rid the body of acidic waste and restores electrolytes to hydrate. All good things.

Übr Water continues to be a staple for premium, affordable water both locally and nationally. It can be found in Byerly’s as well as Super One grocery stores. As an owner or operator of an establishment, Übr Water is a great product and beverage investment. Not only are a growing number of consumers choosing (and preferring) Ubr Water, but when placed properly, this product can make a healthy profit margin.

If you’d like to learn more about Übr Water and getting this product in your business, let us know!

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