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Three Problems a Micro Market Solves

by Reed Stevens on June 19

As someone who works closely to meet the needs of your building's people whether employees, residents, or guests, you have a lot on your plate. One of the biggest initiatives or challenges you might have is how to meet the food and beverage needs of those who frequent your building day in and day out. Has this been a problem for you? Are you looking for a solution? A micro market-style vending model can serve those needs - and solve three problems in particular. Check out the infographic below.



1. The Versatility of Time

If your building or company staffs odd hours or is open to a variety of shifts, you need a strategy that offers consistent food and beverage options across the board. A micro market grants you the capability to offer first shift (and second, third, and so on) the same healthy options anyone else has exposure to as well. When Leighton Broadcasting in downtown St. Cloud first considered a micro market, they considered the needs of their employees. As a multiple-brand company and home to round-the-clock radio stations, the kind of open access a micro market provides was just what the company was looking for.

Many people perceive they have a lack of time to eat while on the job; a micro markets offers a plethora of snack, beverage, and meal options all in that convenient grab-and-go style that vending machines made popular, but micro markets make smart. 

2. Health Consciousness 

The ever-elusive balance is a theme nearly every individual encounters in their lifetime. A lot of that experience comes in terms of careers and trying to manage a work-life balance. Health usually plays an integral role in the quest for balance, and considering people spend nearly nine hours a day working and only one-hour eating and drinking. There has to be a way to combine those two and bring balance and a healthy take on the normal workday. And there is – micro markets.

When Marco’s VP of Operations Scott Roeder was researching options for his employees, health was one of his highest priorities, which led him and the leadership team to see the benefit micro markets offers in terms of healthy choice. 

3. People-Centric 

Since people spend nine hours a day at work, who they are surrounded by day-to-day matters greatly. If you are continually looking for ways to make your workforce more cohesive or how to add value to your employees’ days, installing a micro market delivers on both. If people are granted a standard lunch break of 60 minutes in their workday, they’ll be faced with how to spend it. If identifying how, what, or where they are going to eat or when, the availability of a micro market on the premises can solve a lot of those concerns.

As a building manager or member of the leadership team, giving your employees the option for fast, fresh, and consistent food right where they work could open up a new avenue or two in terms of collaboration or relationship building. You never know what kind of greatness can come out of the very break room or kitchen within your building!

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