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Tips for Changing Up Your Product Mix

by Reed Stevens on May 17

What do you offer your customers on fountain or in ready-to-drink (RTD) options? Do you feel like you give these important beverages the consideration necessary to positively affect your business? Trying to determine what to offer and how to make the right changes to your product mix can be difficult. Here are a few tips to help you make the best choices and appeal to consumers in the very best way!

Consider Market Trends

Beverages – whether alcoholic or not – are currently enjoying a big increase in nearly all categories due to popularity, demand, and preference. Water, for example, has surpassed soda in sales thus far in 2017, a trend that’s been climbing for years. Why the hype? Because overall, and not just in the food and beverage industry, consumers are focusing on health, wellness, and better-for-you choices in all aspects of life. It’s only natural this is translating into the beverage category, too.

According to an EcoFocus Worldwide 2017 study, natural beverages are driving 40 percent of dollar growth in the industry, and there are some anticipated beverage trends for the remainder of the year that will demand beverages work harder – whether its for refreshment, satiety, energy, hydration, immunity boosting, sleep aid, blood sugar management, and a whole host of other functional benefits. That’s asking a lot from a bottle or glass of liquid, isn’t it? It’s also an exciting time to be able to meet the needs of consumers by offering the beverages they’re seeking.

Be Proactive, Not Hesitant 

Our team at Bernick’s is completely immersed in the world of beverages and find great value in keeping our busy customers apprised of the market and industry changes. One of the biggest factors in changing up your product mix is to be proactive – meaning, lead the charge by offering the brands and options your customers are seeking. Once you offer a consumer the beverage they’re excited about, you’re likely to see that person return. There are plenty of options when it comes to restaurants, bars, and recreation-based venues. People are faced with continually making choices of where to go for dinner, entertainment, and other socializing. Give them the best reason to choose your place of business – what you offer them in terms of options, customization, and experience.

Another area of focus our internal team dedicates time to is market research and data analysis. When we meet with our customers, we’re able to share information on the food and beverage industry to help customers make informed choices that are best for their business. We know you’re busy focusing on making your bar or restaurant successful, and that’s a big job. Relying on our team of experts to assist with forecasting, marketing, and product knowledge makes your job easier, and your business more successful.

The Right Mix

Oftentimes, bar owners or managers feel overwhelmed when considering what they offer on fountain or by single serve and what needs to change in order to appeal to the consumer. Due to the easy access and availability of options through a supplier partner like Bernick’s, it’s easier than ever to change things up. There’s an almost methodical approach to configuring fountain options to ensure the right mix of classic soda brands, non-carbonated drinks, enhanced or sparkling waters, craft soda, and iced teas and lemonades.

You don’t have to change out every single line or replace fountains completely with new offerings. Though there are national declines in certain categories as well as “slow movers” in your particular business, it won’t make sense to completely stop offering a certain brand or kind of beverage. People still want options, and limiting your menu or changing it up too often might have a negative affect on your bottom line. The best advice we have is to add the product mixes that make sense to your business, market them well, and make adjustments along the way with our support!

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