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Crafts, Classics, and Imports for Every Holiday List

What are you serving and buying your holiday guests this year? Let Bernick's help you out!

by Scott Oeffling on December 15

The Ins and Outs of Tap Line Cleaning

Beer regardless of domestic, craft, or otherwise deserves (and demands!) to be poured through clean tap lines. Here's why this is so important to this industry.

by Scott Oeffling on December 5

2017 - What to Expect in Craft Beer

Will craft beer continue its trajectory in the New Year?

by Scott Oeffling on December 1
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Five Ways a Beer Distributor Helps Your Craft Brand

If you're a beer brewer faced with opportunities for growth & sustainability, you'll likely consider a beer distributor. Here are 5 signs you're ready

by Scott Oeffling on November 22

#MNFLAGSHIPBREWS – Is Your Beer Missing?

Bernick's offers a sneak peek of the beer and brands nominated for #MNFLAGSHIPBREW. Here are some nominees from every part of Minnesota.

by Scott Oeffling on November 17

What Constitutes a Brewer’s Flagship Beer?

One of the most important decisions a brewery makes is what it will pour, and which brews receive the coveted flagship designation.

by Scott Oeffling on November 3
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Introducing Bernick's Periodic Table of Beer Styles 2.0

Bernick's wants consumers & customers to know everything there is to know about craft beer. We're introducing our Periodic Table of Beer 2.0 updated just for you.

by Scott Oeffling on October 26

This Season's Hottest Seasonal Brews

For every season there is ... a beer. From hearty and aromatic stouts to sturdy Scottish ales, Bernick's shares the hottest craft beer of the season.

by Scott Oeffling on October 17

On a Quest for the Best Craft Brews in MN

Bernick's wanted to highlight not only the craft beer scene, but the people who have breathed life and passion into this industry. Join the Quest for the Best.

by Scott Oeffling on October 3
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A Look at What's New in the Craft Beer Market

Take a look at what's new at this point in 2016 in the world of craft beer.

by Scott Oeffling on August 11