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In the End Zone: Your Minnesota Vikings + Miller Lite

Tailoring your products and promotions to align with the seasons includes the Minnesota VIkings and Miller Lite for the 2015-16 season!

by Scott Oeffling on September 23

A Guide to Beer Glasses

While many beer enthusiasts have an impressive collection of beer shaker pints,there are also many other types of beer glasses available.

by Scott Oeffling on March 9

Bernick’s Periodic Table of Beer

Technically a periodic table is “elements arranged based on configurations and properties”. So yes, it works for a periodic table of beer as well.

by Scott Oeffling on January 28
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The Journey of Beer: From Brewery, to Bernick’s, to You

Curious about the journey of beer- from brewery to you? As the premier distributor of craft, domestic & imported beer in central MN, we know our beer!

by Scott Oeffling on January 20

The Power of the Variety Pack

The holiday season is here, and now is the best time of year to stock up on beverage variety packs. Learn why this time of year boosts the power of the variety pack

by Scott Oeffling on December 2