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What is a Micro Market?

What is a micro market? It's an easy way to promote workplace productivity, health, and employee satisfaction. Here's what you need to know about micro markets.

by Reed Stevens on October 4

A Micro Market can Improve Your Company Culture and Employee Health

Micro markets are an investment in employee health that requires zero financial investment and is easy to implement.

by Reed Stevens on December 7

Four Ways to Sell Your Boss on a Micro Market

Culture. Budget. Productivity. There's plenty of reasons your boss should install a micro market, but here's a solid list of four to can share with management.

by Reed Stevens on May 31
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Three Problems a Micro Market Solves

Struggling with meeting the needs of your staff or building occupants when it comes to providing food options? Micro markets are the solution.

by Reed Stevens on February 19

3 Reasons We Love Our Micro Market: Preferred Credit, Inc.

In 2015, we helped PCI - a St. Cloud company who provides financing - debut their very own micro market. Here are their 3 favorite things about it...

by Reed Stevens on December 30

A Micro Market in Action at Marco

In an effort to continue the conversation about micro markets, but with a fresh perspective, we let the team at Marco talk about their micro market.

by Reed Stevens on November 23
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Everything You Need to Know About Micro Markets - In One Place

We've shared quite a bit about the elevated version of vending called micro markets & why we love them. Here's everything you need to know in 1 place.

by Reed Stevens on October 20

The Making of a Bernick's Micro Market

Get an inside look at what goes into the creation and installation of a Bernick's Micro Market!

by Reed Stevens on September 30

Boost Employee Morale with a Micro Market

Happy employees are the best employees. Adding a micro market to your company will boost employee morale and support your culture.

by Reed Stevens on September 25
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The Bernick's Micro Market Difference

It's not just about the beverages at Bernick's. When it comes to micro markets, our three unique differences set us apart from the rest.

by Reed Stevens on September 18
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