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Understanding Your Coffee Consumers [Infographic]

by Todd McFadden on August 1

No doubt about it, coffee is a fixture of American life. Year over year, America remains the top importer of coffee beans, worldwide. While overall coffee consumption holds steady, the coffee consumers and their preferences are always changing and evolving.

Keeping a pulse on who is consuming and how they consume means you can stock your convenience store with on-trend coffee and coffee-related products. Take a look at the infographic below for a current snapshot of who is drinking coffee and how they are taking it.


The statistics are in. People are consuming coffee, and they’re doing it according to their individual preferences. After looking at the information above, is your c-store offering the experience that coffee consumers are looking for? 

Coffee consumers want options. They want to be able to customize their hot beverage to meet their taste preference. By making the most popular lighteners, sweeteners, and flavorings available, you’re opening up your convenience store to be the hot beverage destination consumers seek out. When you think about what coffee options your c-store offers, consider whether it appeals to today’s coffee drinkers. 

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