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You Can Have Both – Adding Bernick’s Hot Beverages to Your Current Line Up

by Todd McFadden on September 15

Remember the old adage about not being able to have your cake and eat it too? It never made much sense to me. After all, what is the point of having cake if I can’t eat it? But anyways, the moral of that story is to help people understand how they can’t have the best of both worlds. It’s an important lesson to learn, and in a lot of respects, it’s true. But not always.

Life is always built up with certain sets of limitations, when it comes to convenience stores, some of the greatest limitations are things outside your control: retail space, storage space, support staff, and consumer trends all affect what's possible and what's not.

Bernick’s Hot Beverages

Bernick's Hot BeveragesOne area where you can have the best of both worlds is with Bernick’s hot beverages. There’s a misconception that partnering with Bernick’s for hot beverages means you have to switch fountain and bottled distribution as well.

The truth is, adding Bernick’s hot beverages in your convenience store does not mean you have to get rid of what you currently have. In fact, choosing to add Bernick’s to your current line-up doesn’t have to affect any of your current distribution contracts. Yes, we distribute fountain, bottled, and alcoholic beverages too, but we're not an "all or nothing" distributor. It's about customizing what our customers want in order to serve consumers.

Bernick’s Hot Beverage Program

To add the greatest value while eliminating a lot of the hassle, we offer a hot beverage program. Through the program, we supply some of the most popular coffee brands, including: Caribou Coffee, Wolfgang Puck Coffee, and New England Coffee Company. Beyond coffee selection, Bernick’s provides a selection of serving equipment: thermal servers, Keurig K-cup machines, bean-to-cup machines or glass pot brewers.

Our program comes with an above average service agreement ensuring your hot beverage equipment stays in working order. Because when your equipment is down, there’s just no profit to be made. In fact, our service agreement is so comprehensive, some convenience stores who own their equipment and source their supplies through another vendor still have service contracts through Bernick’s.

The Bernick’s Difference

Beyond the supplies and machinery, Bernick’s provides promotional support and annual feature calendars to our customers. This ensures your convenience store has the on-trend hot beverage flavors before the seasons switch. We’re invested in keeping your hot beverages sales going, and we oftentimes provide our customers with IRCs (instant redeemable coupons). These coupons typically bundle products together, increasing purchase rates.

When you partner with Bernick’s hot beverages, you’re partnering with a vendor who’s invested in the success of your convenience store and who’ll support you along the way.

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