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3 Reasons Why a Micro Market is Perfect for Your Business

by Darren Hatlestad on September 22

Micro market kiosks are becoming a popular option in the workplace. Ten years ago we would have been doubtful about them, but now with the advances in reliable technology and the changes in consumer behavior, we’re proud to stand behind them as one of the best solutions to implement in your business.

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We’re not plotting the downfall of office vending machines, we think those also have a time and place. We simply implore you to consider the benefits of adding micro market vending to enrich the lives of your employees.

The last few years have seen a huge leap in vending services for offices around the country. We’ve seen the breakroom cafe, total breakroom services, and (of course) the micro market kiosk.

People love food, and if they love anything more it’s good food. Utilizing this fact, it’s easy to use micro market vending to keep your employees happy and well-fed. 83% of consumers snack daily. For most businesses, food can be a point of improvement.

Do us a favor. Take a few seconds to look around your office. See any healthy food options in the vending machines or fresh foods lying around for workers to enjoy? Does your breakroom have total breakroom services? Is there a breakroom cafe? There’s a large chance that there aren’t any of these things and that the only food you can find is a bag of chips in your vending machine.

A micro market kiosk solves a lot of problems, but we’ve realized that some of the most important facts about micro markets have gone unnoticed. They keep your workers fed, that’s definitely important; likewise, they also have a slew of benefits that can propel your business’s food distribution to new heights. Strap in because we’re about to cover a few. But first, here's a video that gives a quick overview of what a micro market is if you're unfamiliar with them.

Consumer Behavior

The first one we’ll cover is pretty simple. Ask yourself a simple question: would my workers prefer a multitude of snacks with healthy choices thrown in or would they prefer to run down the block to the drug store for a Twinkie? This should be an obvious answer, though we will admit that a Twinkie sounds a little tempting from time to time.

The point behind this question is this: consumers snack daily, but 91% of them consider nutritional content before buying. People in your building want fresh and local ingredients and products in their snacks. That’s exactly what a micro market provides: the opportunity to supply your workplace with high-quality, fresh, and even local ingredients that consumers crave.

Workers crave these ingredients so much in fact that 88% of them are willing to pay more for healthier options. Micro market vending allows businesses to stock these items that employees crave. Self service food is the answer we’ve been waiting for. It allows us to alter which ingredients we are serving to cater to these new consumer preferences of healthy eating.

Implementing a micro market also allows you to stock local products. Incorporating products from your community can foster a sense of community in your workplace. Self service food at a micro market kiosk means that you get to stock the shelves with whatever your employees desire. Whether your employees want more generic products or local treats, the options are endless for supplying your micro market.

Download the Manufacturing Micro Market Checklist

Zero Cost, Zero Maintenance

We love to see people get a little shaken up when we tell them the cost of installing a micro market kiosk: a lump sum of exactly $0. A micro market doesn’t cost anything to install, we do it free of charge. And when it comes to routine maintenance, we do all of that too. This means micro markets can be used without worrying about repairs or the additional cost of stocking items. Who doesn't love free? That’s a tough price to beat.

A micro market combines the best parts of traditional markets and technology. Have you ever ruthlessly shaken a vending machine because it didn’t spit out your Skittles? We know the feeling, and we promise not to tell. Maintenance on office vending machines can be troublesome, especially if your equipment has been in use for a while. Offices hardly ever think of revamping food because so much is going on, but doing so can mean a world of difference for your workers.

Because everything sits on the shelves and you only operate technology to check out, micro market vending can be a godsend for workplaces that are struggling with old, rusted tech that’s been there longer than the boss has (and just in case you’re the boss reading this, you’re looking good pal).

Perhaps one of our favorite parts is the zero cost. People are often amazed when they hear that they can install a micro market kiosk for no cost. Bernick’s handles all the work so you can enjoy the nutritional and psychological benefits that micro market vending can have on your workplace.

Learn How Micro Markets Work


Have you noticed food brings people together? It’s funny, even when we’re just talking about our service technicians working on vending machines or installing micro markets throughout the midwest, good food has a miraculous effect because it brings people closer.

If you’re looking to bring your employees together for a great culinary experience, a micro market kiosk can do it. You can turn your break room into a place of gathering where employees grow closer all while sharing the best and healthiest local food in your area.

We hate the idea that people grab a soda and bag of chips and eat at their desks. By providing a sprawling, gorgeous micro market, you can give your employees a certain level of anticipation in their day. They’ll grow to love their ten-minute breaks with fellow co-workers. Micro markets will be there to entice them and draw them in; micro markets will draw them in and give them an experience to look forward to each and every day.

Long Story Short

Micro market vending can provide you with a zero-cost, zero-maintenance method for keeping your employees healthy and happy. At Bernick’s, we do this by outfitting our micro markets with fresh, local, and healthy ingredients that consumers want and are willing to pay for. There’s absolutely no cost to the business, we find a space that works and we start making people happy. At the end of the day, workers get a solution to their snacking needs that brings them even closer together than your average vending solutions. We believe it is the future water-cooler, the best breakroom cafe, and one of the only total breakroom services that works like a charm. Want to talk to an expert about installing a micro market in your business? Just click the button below.

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