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The Making of a Bernick's Micro Market

by Reed Stevens on September 30

For a lot of people, seeing is believing. Recently we’ve put a lot into sharing what makes our micro markets valuable, how they can help you improve employee morale, and how our micro markets are different. We thought it was time to put our money where our mouth is, and show you what goes into the making of a Bernick’s micro market.

What We Need from You

Our needs are quite basic. Show us where you envision your micro market going, and we’ll either concur or make recommendations on your behalf. You’ll want your micro market to be housed in a highly visible, high-traffic area that makes sense to the flow of your culture. Employee breakroom? A commons-type area that’s the hub of your company’s design? 

We measure twice and cut once. Everything is custom to your needs and the layout and flow of the micro market is tailored to make the most sense for your organization. You want your employees to be happy. We want you to be happy. We do it right. All we need is space, electricity, and dedicated Internet access and we’re set to install.

Micro Market Installation 

Your Bernicks’ micro market Rep will work with you to determine your needs and wishlist ideals for your employees. After mutual consideration, we’ll install the dry storage and shelving units, coolers, hot beverage stations, ice and fountain systems, kiosks for payment, and security.

We bring our team to do all the dirty work, and we do it based on the least amount of intrusion on your team’s behalf. If that means 5am, we’ll be there at 5am. We’re dedicated, goal oriented, and have the commitment you need to get your micro market installed in a timely and orderly fashion.

The Good Part

We roll everything in, stock your shelves for employee consumption, and cut you loose to get back to your business. This step is the best. From here, we either work with your team to navigate your new micro market, or we empower you to handle the kickoff. Either way, you’ll be equipped (as will your employees) with the knowledge and appreciation of what they now have access to: unlimited, convenient fresh, healthy foods, snacks, beverages, and sundries.

And we don’t just walk away. Your goals are as important to us as they are to you. Part of the micro market installation process is continual monitoring and customer satisfaction to ensure the right choices were made on your company’s behalf. Like we said, this is the good part. 

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