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Your School Can Earn Money with Bernick’s

by Dean Bernick on July 8

For more than 100 years the team at Bernick's has been committed to supporting the communities where we live and work, because our communities directly contribute to our success.

We believe that strong, healthy schools are the building blocks of strong, sustainable communities - that's why Bernick's offers our Flexible Fund Program. This program is an easy to use fund raising program that provides schools with funds that can be used based on needs at their discretion.

Gatorade-1Simple Start-Up

Getting started with our Flexible Fund Program is simple - all you need to do is become a Bernick’s customer by contacting us or by completing our online contact form. From there, a Bernick’s Rep will contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss our school fund-raising options using products that everyone knows and loves.

We do recommend that each school designate a central contact person. This contact person will be assigned a dedicated Bernick's Rep to provide consistent service throughout the school year.

Transform Concession Sales Into School Funds

The Bernick's Flexible Fund Program rewards our school partners with sales-based incentives on every product you order directly from Bernick's. This means the more your school buys from Bernick's, the more you earn!

Schools earn Flexible Funds on every single item they order from Bernick's - this includes our wide assortment of single-serve beverages, sports products and snack items, including our "Better For You" line of health-conscious items for concessions and vending machines.

Each school's funding is based on their sales of all Bernick's products (through their vending, concession and food service accounts) during the previous school year. So, customers who were part of this program for the previous school year can redeem their funding during the current school year. Your designated contact person can redeem your Flexible Funding by completing our online form.

Pick The Right Option For Your Funding Goals

Through our Flexible Funding Program, customers can redeem their funds for product donations, scholarships, school upgrades, custom banners, yearbook/sponsorship ads and more! Schools can also keep their athletes healthy and hydrated by ordering Gatorade Sideline Kits and Replenishment Kits for sports teams - these are the same products that the pros use! There are many different ways for your school to earn money.

Tips To Help You Maximize Your Flexible Fund Earnings

Because Bernick's Flexible Funds are based on your orders, it makes sense to use Bernick's as your exclusive partner for all your points of sale. Here are some tips on how you can maximize your earnings:

  • Stock your school's vending machines with products from Bernick's, including fruit juices other school approved products
  • Set up a Micro Market inside your school for faculty, staff, and administration and fill it with popular essentials and healthy options
  • Sell snacks and bottled beverages from Bernick's at sporting events, plays, dances, and parent-teacher nights


To learn more about how your school can earn funds by having popular snacks and beverages through Bernick's Flexible Funds Program get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable Reps - you'll be surprised by how easy it is for your school to start earning money with Bernick’s!

Download our Gatorade Performance Order Form


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